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Yes, we’ve come to that point in the year that is unofficially known as  season. But before you break out the  or pull out the  tank, you need to round up the best  you can buy.

Whether you’re trying to ratchet up the vinegar kick on skinless chicken breasts or add a dash of acid (hello lime juice!) to those pork chops, trust us, there’s nothing that adds a better flavor to meat than a . Sure, following a recipe and whipping up your own simple marinade is one way you could go (mincing all. that. garlic.), but each of these ready-made versions is a simpler way to soften the meat and add serious flavor — without having to shop for a ton of ingredients.

Check the bottle to see how long to let your meat sit: The longer meat sits in a marinade, the more flavor it will absorb — the same holds true for tofu — but some marinades are more acidic and might start “cooking” raw meat or seafood if it sits too long. Many of these marinades also make great sauces when the meat is actually grilled. Just set some aside before you add the raw protein for its flavor bath.

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Primal Kitchen lemon turmeric vinaigrette and marinade with avocado oil: $6

Thrive Market

All the cool kids are talking about turmeric — it’s an Indian spice that’s said to fight inflammation. So add this citrusy cocktail — which is also  — to shrimp or fish before you throw it on the grill.

The New Primal Noble Made medium Buffalo sauce: $7

Thrive Market

 acolytes love this line. But even if you’re eating carbs, dunk your  in this finger-licking sauce before they hit the grill and you’ll get a game-day snack that’s better than any sports bar’s version. For real. (If you can’t wait for it to come back in stock, snag it directly from .)

Tessemae’s lemon garlic dressing and marinade: Two for $26


We’re just going to say it: Chicken breast is boring. But adding this lemony, garlicky marinade is a simple way to make even a bland chicken breast sing with flavor when grilled. You can get it cheaper directly from .

Frontera carne asada marinade for steak, with jalapeno and garlic: $2

Thrive Market

You don’t have to wait until Taco Tuesday to make the best  of your life. Just add this jalapeno and garlic mixture to a slab of steak and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then grill it up and get ready to fall deeply in love.

Stonewall Kitchen garlic rosemary citrus sauce: $7

Sur La Table

Add some serious zing to your chicken or shrimp before it hits the grill with this Italian-leaning sauce that’s got all the best flavors (praise be garlic and rosemary). No more sad chicken dinners!

Legal Sea Foods lemon dill marinade & dressing: $8

Stonewall Kitchen

The lemony dill flavors in this marinade were made for summertime grilling — even if you don’t own a home in the Mediterranean. Just soak some salmon in this savory sauce before getting your grill on.

Walkerswood jerk marinade: Two for $12

World Market

Pining for  to Jamaica? Get a taste of the island at home with this authentic jerk sauce that has some serious kick thanks to scotch bonnet peppers. To find out more regarding Xxx Porn Full Movie Online stop by the web-page. Throw it on chicken before tossing the bird over an open flame.

Korean bulgogi BBQ sauce: Two for $7

World Market

Chicken breasts, pork and beef will get a whole new life thanks to this sweet (that’s the pears and bianca puterea dragostei xxx apples) and tangy Korean sauce. Bulgogi literally means “fire meat” in Korean, so, well, you know what to do.

Stubb’s pork marinade: Two for $5


Some watch xxx return of xander cage free online the best BBQ in  comes from Stubb’s, and now you don’t have to travel to the Texas town (or wait in line) to get that smoky sweet flavor anytime you want it. Add this guy to anything from pork chops to ribs and let the chiles, lime and ginger take over.

Roy Choi garlic everything sauce: $10

Williams Sonoma

Garlic lovers will rejoice over this flavor-packed marinade and sauce (it also has sesame, pear, citrus, sake, jalapeños and ) that’s deadly on chicken and , xxx porn full movie online in a good way. Just make sure you don’t have plans to kiss anyone who might mind garlic breath because, well, you will have garlic breath. And it’ll be worth it.

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